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ALL REGULAR MODELS SOLD REMOTE ONLY high power 75watt UHF Kenwood TK-830H Mobile radios


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ALL REGULAR MODELS SOLD REMOTE ONLY Up for sale Kenwood TK-830H commercial radios, the radios come with slide locking mounting bracket, external speaker, Kenwood mic and pigtail connectors for power and speaker connections and remote extension cable. The radios will be tested for RX, TX only The radios are the H model 75watts internal adjustment (the built in amps/pa units are capable of 120watts so very heavy duty radio is limited by driver and heat sink) I would set them for 50 watts very heavy duty. Programing is not included you can get the cable on eBay for around $20 or I can program them for ($25). The radios are very heavy duty sound great and you could re align them and set power for your application. The radios are not mint and have scratches and marks on them and could use a good cleaning, the mounts have rust only surface could be sanded and painted. I will be selling many of these radio you might not get the one in the sample photo. Many people use these radios for Ham radio, GMRS (yes part 95 radio), and for 70cm repeaters / ham radio. Freq : 440-475 MHz Chan: 16 (can upgrade to 32ch) Display: alphanumeric 12 digits Pwr: 75 Watts. You can also remove the PA/AMP board and make yourself a nice uhf amp or use multiple pa/amp boards to make a larger uhf amp, a 100 Watt uhf amp will cost you $500+. The remote radios with kit and cable ready to go $100ea + Shipping ($38 to $45 depending on your zip) or local pick up only have 5 left.





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