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Antenna upgrade for Baofeng UV-5X



I bought a pair of Baofeng UV-5X GMRS radios from Amazon and decided to upgrade the antennas.  I purchased the NG 771-G (SMA male as SMA female will not connect at all) also from Amazon, but I had no reception at all using the NG 771-G antenna. Thinking the antenna might be counterfeit, I ordered another from a popular online vendor, but had the same problem.  Both antennas were tested on both radios for weather channel reception.  The rubber duck antennas performed as expected, but no reception was achieved with either NG 771-G antenna.  I then checked the NG 771-G antennas on a Yaesu FT3D with adequate results.  Checking the Diamond antenna from the FT3D on the UV-5X radios yielded the same no reception results.

 I would welcome any constructive advice or suggestions.

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I like signal sticks. Lot more flexible than many other antennas.

In theory you could trim them down to gmrs frequencies (about ¹/hassle. For the 440 version). But don't find it necessary, or worth the hassle. Although the 440 version is about 6 inches, about the length of the rubber ducky.

Wonder if the baofeng is simply getting the front end overloaded from adjacent signals. Which would desense it, always had intermod issues with most of my baofengs. Minus the gmrs v1.

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