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surecom gr-500 repeater found on 409shop


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Might be handy for certain situations, maybe even a travel repeater...at 4w if you use a good antenna and keep the line short at least you could double your range. I can see strapping one to the balcony of the beach house! 


Most of this stuff is so china-cheap...and a gamble if it works. I'd be interested in the price. 

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Yep...I've built several, but that little thing is cute...if it works, could be useful in the right situation. I remember working on a FBI style suitcase repeater once, it was basically a couple of Motorola HT's in a briefcase with a battery and little duplexer. I think the portables were HT90 guts....VHF. I also remember some older repeaters for industrial use that were 2 and 4 watt, I think Motorola and Ritron had one...like late 80's early 90's. Motorola had that SYSTEL which was a UHF 2 watt box with interconnect. When I worked at the M shop I interconnected our AT&T phone system to an interconnect on a 5 watt base so our guys could take or make calls from their vans if they were parked outside or close by the shop. It was handy. We also used it to receive a DTMF that triggered one of the overhead doors to open...it was easier and cheaper than buying a dozen $150 remotes! 


What gets me on these repeaters are these goof balls on ebay hacking together some old used mobiles or portables in what looks like a spaghetti nightmare and calling it a repeater...mostly for GMRS, but some guy has one he demo's as cross band....146 in 467 out....now he knows just about enough to be dangerous.

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