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I've looked around the forums, and couldn't seem to find the answer.  When setting up your repeater with the Pi, I would think the best connection would be hard lined by CAT 5 or 6 in order to achieve the best internet speed possible.  What if you live in an area where there's no internet?  You could utilize a hotspot and run your Pi on Wi-Fi.  Main question here for me, what is the best optimal internet speed necessary in order to link your repeater to the network?

Where I live, I have Xfinity, and have been able to run cable to my repeater, and connect via a MoCA adapter.  This was only about a 40' run, and a fairly low height on the antenna.  Works great, and have very clear reports.  Currently getting download speeds at 288Mbps, and upload at 30Mbps.

I have a friend setting up a repeater where he does not have internet, and his tower is about 1/4 mile from the house, so he is utilizing a hotspot.  His hotspot is on the same cell network I have, and he said he has 5G at the site.  Just for grins, I did a speed test on my phone at 5G, and only was getting 30Mbps download speed.  When we have our repeaters connected, at times his transmission comes across choppy, but he said my transmission is loud and clear.  Could the choppy transmission I hear be caused by a slower internet speed on his end?

I'm hoping the video I attached will play, so you can hear what I hear.  In this video, I'm on my deck, which is about 50' from the repeater.  When I connect to the 169 hub, signal is loud and clear, so that leads me to think it's a connection or internet speed on my friends repeater.  

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