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KY - Kentucky GMRS Nation Wide Bridged Repeater


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Hi, Just inquiring. What would it take to put a GMRS Nationwide NET repeater on top of Mitchell Hill in Shepherdsville, KY? It would serve a lot of KY areas and we could expand to other state HAM clubs in the state. Would like to see an across Commonwealth repeater/link system. I have networking experience and am a ham / gmrs licensed operator. Willing to assist and help in any way I can! Just would like to be involved and don't know how to link up. Thanks in advance. Mike 

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Guest GMRS KY New Operator

I'm a new GMRS operator in KY. I'd like to have more repeater options also.  A club would be the way to go, maybe the ARTS club or BARS club would be interested.

The tripple nickle club is also a possibility.  However, I use the Floyd Knobs repeaters for everything.  Where I'm located I can't get anything in KY due to all the hills, 

but Floyd Knobs repeaters are higher than the knobs east of  Louisville. So when your in the Valley you have a line of sight to the Floyd Knobs repeaters.  Best to get

ahold of these guys and see if they are linked.

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Guest WSAD509
On 2/16/2023 at 3:12 PM, Guest Thinking of getting GMRS. said:

If I get lic will get radio so I am in West Ky near Ft.Campbell are there people who have lic this area and repeaters near??Thanks.

Yes in Hopkinsville. Get your license and and have fun we have nets every Thursday at 7pm 462.650 ctcss 192.8

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