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Motorola MS350R Waterproof/Floating


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I just purchased this today for $69 for 2 radios, unfortunately it is a uni charger set up, none the less, I sat for all of 3 min's on the first radio and less than a min. on the second radio to set them to the repeater. amazing how easy that was. anyway they are large and lite so they will float, the antenna seems rugged and molded to the case. I can't stress how easy the set up was. I will be giving one of these to the senior who destroys radios and see how it does.  Expect updates on on wear and effective range, as far as range is concerned I don't expect them to preform as well as the baofeng but we will see.


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Thanks for the input Joe900, I hope you will keep us updated. I say test the Heck out of them wile you still have the in store return option. I plan to. so far keying up my repeater is only about half the distance of the Baofeng in 1watt mode. so I guess the built in antenna is at fault. another reason I prefer interchangeable antennas. in addition I would not use these in a car or truck as most of the ERP is going to be reflected into your head and body. since the antenna is perm attached, there is no option for a mobile antenna. this could be the radio for a neighborhood watch, however the share charger stand makes it difficult to share with different neighbors, Joe, Let us know if it Floats!

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Yeah. I want to know too. I've been selling this model for over year and was always afraid to test.

BTW we receiving some non working units with traces of water inside so I guess in some cases leaks are possible. :)

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