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Concerning MSF5000 repeater



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If I see the guy I bought this from at fest again he will be wearing it because it is a converted base station with

screwed up programming and it isn't worth the time and money I am gonna have to spend to make it work. 

The synth wont hook up and the TTL has been disabled from the programming JUNK PIECE OF XXXX (staff edit for unacceptable language)

worthless to anyone but a Motorola tech who has hours of time on his hands and a pocket full of money

to blow.

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PA is good (if they are like the Micor then they will require 1-2W to drive). Station conversions aren't bad, I've got a few of them but mine are on the Micor platform though. Has a ARS pre-amp (those are worth a little money, seeing great benefits when using preamps on TDMA repeaters). There are some good parts in there that are certainly worth saving.

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