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I know I am impatient and a pain.  From a technical standpoint do we have a test node for new installs to test how things work?

Guess I should add more detail.  For those of us with no Allstar, app_rpt, Viop, ect background and having read what we can in forums and web sites, it leaves a few holes.

So as some examples: "Not intended to bash anyone here."

I can download and deploy a Pi image though many don't even know what your talking about.

If they make this step or the preconfigured SD card, the next step is connecting to what? Directly to a hub even when most non ham allstar background people barely get past making a Pi work.

So that leaves conversations about forums that say you may need to tune audio if you get this far.  Ok great for an allstar / app_rpt person.  Not great for most others.

For me now, I have a node and thanks Rich.  However, due to my IT background I would rather have a non-hub (regional live link) more a test region. Then with commands I found in forums that were wrong before they were right, I think.  May have mess up the link to a hub.

I like alot the direction to make the RT97s with all the right up front parts to fully deploy a repeater to get people into a very simplistic newbie deploy.

But could they also have a test region (global) hub and node(s) in that config? For learning how it works before diving hard into a live hub? If they can even find the commands (like me)?

Could maybe some of us premium members be connected to a test node and region to help newbies with no background in Linux and allstar, maybe only for a preconfigured set of devices?

Does anyone see my point?





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