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privacy codes and TX



I know only 1 person can talk on a given frequency at any given time. That said if you have 2 pairs or radios on the same frequency running different privacy codes what is the effect. if you have 2 radios transmitting at the same time on the same frequency i know the stronger signal wins. with that said if you have different privacy codes set how does that work, would there be able to be 2 conversations at the same time on the same frequency due to the privacy codes since the radios only listen for that pl tone?

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Depending on how the radios are programmed, one of two things will happen. In one instance, a radio with a busy TX inhibit would sense the (already  present signal) keep the radio from keying altogether while keeping the squelch closed. In the other, the two signals would mix and it may or may not open squelch properly on the receiving end depending on the FM capture effect.

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