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Quasi-omnidirectional Db413-b


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I just gogled it and, it looks like all the elements are on one side of the antenna, the PDF shows, top of tower install as well as side of tower, elements facing tower and facing away. this antenna creates a slightly oval shaped radiation pattern,  depending on how it is mounted.

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It doesn't have a circular radiation patter. It's more balloon shaped.


Handy when you need a little more gain in one direction. Say you have LOS but you need a little more punch through in a direction to compensate for foliage or brush you'd turn the antenna to put the 14 dB lobe in that direction.



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Thanks guy's. It still looks like it has a fairly good omni patern so it should work out in full duplex operation. Friend of mine hooked me up with and going to pick it up tomorrow. It's been in storage for a few years but brand new never used for less than 400.00.

Thanks for your help!

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