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Repeater theory?

Guest Ken

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I hope this is OK. I can't join the main forum yet since my call sign is yet to come.


Do you guys have a good link or three for repeater theory? I want to build my own, but I'm not sure of what I need. I have been reading the threads here, but it seems that most of them are aimed at specific models of radios and other gear.


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Hello Ken, and a big welcome to the myGMRS.com Forums.

Personally, I've never come across an in-depth write-up that specifically addressed the area of repeater theory. Radio theory, both on the receiver side and the transmitter side, yes, and general radio theory, sure, including multi-inch-thick books, but never anything that targeted repeaters in particular.

The best that I can offer, if you haven't already seen them, are the following two  links - the obligatory Wikipedia article and the well-known "The Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page" - that may of some use to you. Maybe someone else can point you to better resources.

Repeater - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page

There are some very knowledgeable people on this forum who can help you over any rough spots, should you decide to take the plunge and assemble your own GMRS repeater.



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