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New GMRS License

Guest Tom

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Hello everyone,

I was lust granted a GMRS individual license by the FCC but have no clue how this works, I had a business license years ago but tghat gave me a frequency designation and so on. So what doesn this indidual license give me ? Can I operate a repeater? Thank in advance.

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You are licensed for all 16 GMRS channels, the input 467 channels and outputs/simplex 462 channels. I want to say the split freqs between those channels at 4 watts as well, others can better address that though.


They used to ask number of base, control, repeaters, mobiles but don't anymore. You can set a repeater on any of the 462 channels .550 to .725


They never did freq assignments even when Class A in the 80's


Welcome and good luck. I just put a system online, covers our area well, always want more ;)

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Tom - in a day or two when the FCC database updates and the MyGMRS software can verify your new license, please register at our main website located in the link below. Once you are registered there, you can establish a user account here at the Forum where we can better interact with you about any operational questions that you may have.


MyGMRS main site:  https://www.mygmrs.com/

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