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Power limits


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Those were left over from when fixed stations (and repeaters) had to be registered (pre-1988). There are a few legacy (businesses) operating under those licenses so the definitions remain in the rules.

Repeaters are subject to the same 50W (RF) power limits that mobiles are (notice, no defined ERP unlike the interstitial channels). 

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While reading regs, I noticed only mobiles seem to be allowed the full 50 watts. They indicate "fixed stations" have a 15 watt max. I am then assuming base stations and repeaters are fixed stations under the rules.




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Fixed stations are also assumed to be those stations that only communicate with fixed stations; base stations are like fixed stations but intended to communicate with mobile units.  It's assumed that fixed stations will be using tight-beam antennas, while base stations will be using omnidirectional antennae.  The EIRP of the fixed station, even using only 15 watts, should probably be higher than the base station using an omni at the same range, so long as the beam antenna is pointed at you.

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