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EVX-R70 fan noise - yikes




just turned on new EVX-R70 repeater to program and the fan is more than a tad obnoxious.  I don’t have a dedicated shack or rack closet, so the noise will be a problem. 

I cracked the case and it appears to be a fairly standard 12VDC 120MM box fan with a 4 wire/ 4 pin connector. 

can anyone think of a reason why I can’t swap this out for a low noise computer fan? This repeater won’t be driven hard, so heat dissipation isn’t a huge concern? 

I haven’t seen this pin config before, so may have to experiment if requiring. Has anyone done this? 





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I can't say for sure which one, but either the yellow or brown wire is going to be the RPM sensor wire and the other is likely to be PWM for speed control. I used to be a crazy computer hobbyist, running massive heatsinks with high flow and pressure fans. Those Sanyo Denki San Ace fans were definitely considered to be among the screamers. If I'm not mistaken, at full speed, that fan could be pushing up to 225 CFM.


Just a quick edit. I think the yellow wire is the RPM sensor. I'm a little rusty on that, so I wouldn't take my word as fact without a little testing or research.

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