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GM-15Pro possibly bricked



GM-15Pro working fine with a Code Plug created, read, loaded, changed, loaded a few times back in April with the RADIOODDITY, GM-30 Code Plug Software. Today (18 May) I opened that CP file and added two new repeaters.  Saved it, and tried to upload (write) it to the radio.  Process seemed to be working as the Radio LCD screen indicated Program and the LED on top of the radio was flashing through the process. And the progress bar in the software completed.  Radio returned to normal display.  But none of the 16 keyboard buttons on the front of the radio work at all.  The three buttons on the side of the radio are functional; I can PTT the displayed and active (arrow on LCD pointing to) Repeater, TX completed and receives from that repeater.  Dual functions of the upper and lower sided buttons also. Work.  which seems to indicate the base hardware functions are still working.  

Is this radio somehow bricked for programmed input?  Is there a reset that does not involve the front panel keys that might work?  Since I can't access anything from the front panel keyboard, I cannot use the Menu button to select Menu 40 (Reset) that way, to do ALL (or VFO only) reset operations.

Anybody have ideas?


Gene / WRWR630

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6 minutes ago, kidphc said:

Make sure the keypad isn't locked before you try to reset the radio.

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Oooops.  Cockpit error.  The Radio lock symbol on the LCD was on.  After first-time programming last month, I must have enabled that.  Now many weeks later, forgot about that being on.  The small graphic in the upper right isn't all that clear but you were right on.  Ran the upload again and I am working fine business this time.  Cockpit error!  Thank you,

Gene / WRWR630

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