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Scan List Issued - KG1000G


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After some lengthy delay getting my interface cable working on the programming software, I have indeed been able to add a few frequencies to the KG1000G radio.  I input a few frequencies for my area's County Fire, EMA, Ambulance, ect....  Gave them somewhat descriptive names like Co FIre, and the like.  These new freqs. are in 31 through 34.   Added them to a scan group called COUNTY, which is only present on the "B" side.    Now I CAN scan them.  That works.  But only when the B side is showing CH-031 and so forth.  And when a transmission comes along, I see only CH-031, not the name CO FIRE like I put in during the edit.  Am I missing something simple, how do you get the mnemonic names to show up instead of the channel numbers?????

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