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462.625 channel 18 question (can't communicate with two radios)



Ok so this isn't necessarily just 462.625, but here's my question.


I have a UV-5R, and a BF-888s I got at a garage sale in a box of random crap. 


I have a charger (already have another BF-888s) and trying to see what's programmed (via my scanner) it had a few different freqs in, one of which was on GMRS.  I have a GMRS license, so I am manually trying to program my uv5r to further test on this known GMRS freq (channel 18, 462.625) (since I don't yet have a HAM license).  I lost my programming cable, so I can't just hook it up and see what's on it.  Yes, I know I'm not technically supposed to be using these radios with this freq, but I went out in the country to my brother's land so as not to bother anyone who might be using it.
So anyway, since I'm not a radio technician, I used my scanner to figure out the CTCSS code was 127.3 as well.


I (think) I manually programmed one of my channels to be able to communicate.  I can hear the 888s (on both my other radio and my scanner), but not vice versa.  So either I manually programmed mine incorrectly, or I'm missing something that may be programmed on the other radio.  Could there be something else I haven't quite got right?  I don't think it's programmed to use a repeater since I'm hearing it on 462.625 when I key the mic (and there's no repeater in the area).   I have used my radio to communicate with others  so I know my mic works, etc


disclaimer: these radios are mostly for if SHTF, or when we go camping out in the boonies.  I won't use any HAM freqs until I get my license.  Yes I know I shouldn't be using these radios on GMRS freqs, so you don't need to lecture me on that :)

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yea, I wouldn't keep keying up on an unauthorized frequency, even out in the sticks your are still not authorized to use that channel, 462.265 is not GMRS and could be your local police. I am not sure what you are trying to do and w/o a programming cable you can not change the 888, you need to find that cable or spend 6.99 for a new one and work your licensed channels. the radio that is not simplex is likely set for repeater off set or to RX tone.

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A couple of thoughts here......


1) can the 888's talk to each other? If so leave them alone, they are all programmed correctly. If not, get them to talk to each other first.

2) Since you can hear them on the UV-5r, make sure that you have a RECEIVE ton enabled on it (usually called CTCSS, as opposed to "TONE" which is for transmit). If the UV-5 is set with no tone or ctcss, it will "hear" all the radios on the frequency, but radios with tone receive will not hear it.


Hope this helps you to understand what is going on. We were all new to radios once upon a time, and there are no dumb questions.


Feel free to contact me off list if you need anything.




PS: are you working toward your ham license????

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