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Is anyone using a Linux PC instead of a Raspberry Pi to link their repeater?



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Yes, I am running a Pi.

Yes, there are 'pinch points' with doing so, and there are additional pinch points depending on the audio interface that you choose to use.

Your best option, unless you are a heavy Linux user  and have a very strong understanding of AllStarLink / HamVoIP then you are FAR better off to just use the image provided here on the forum and run that image on a Raspberry Pi.

Will the software run on another platform?  Short answer is yes.  But you need to know the modifications for taking the ASL software and getting it talking to the right servers.  And I will tell you this now.  There is ZERO support for doing it from members and administration of this board / forum.  NONE.  There are a few of us that have attempted it and failed, and a few more than are doing it that don't talk about it.  So either you are gonna KNOW how to do it, and make it happen or you are going to pull your hair out trying. 

And just because the image for a Pi is available that it's all just gonna load and run.  I can tell you from experience in the last week that's NOT the case.  I just reloaded the image on a Pi for the third or fourth time tonight attempting to get it running correctly.



First mod to the Pi image is putting in your node number and password into the correct places in the files on the image.  These are the rpt.conf file and the iax.conf file. 

And for some reason I can't figure out the image is not pulling the updated rpt_extnodes_gmrs file from the main servers.  Now this file is the list of all the nodes that is used as a sort of DNS 'hosts' file and a list of available nodes you can connect to.  So that file does two things.  BOTH are extremely important for getting things to work.  If you don't have that file, and it's not updating every 10 minutes, then the software doesn't have any info on what nodes are out there for you to connect to.

Second issue is the port configuration in your firewall.  This too is sort of important if you are going to use the website to manage your node.  It is where you can go and easily connect your node to the other nodes.

Then there is the configuration of the audio interface for connecting your repeater to the software so you can actually get your repeater connected.  This is another issue I am fighting.  If you get the little repeater that is on the webstore, and the interface for it, and buy the image written to the memory card, then it's all configured for you.  If you go any other route, you are on your own to figure it out.  And while I did get the CM108 interface working correctly on the Pi, I had to refer to other documentation from teh ham radio world in order to get that going.  And keep in mind that I am a professional commercial radio tech and have been for about 15 years.  Prior to that I was in IT for 14 years and I fought the thing getting it up and running.  So, if you don't know Linux and don't have experience with ASL / HAMVoIP it's going to be a serious learning curve unless you can find someone that is versed in these things. 


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Update to your request.

I am ACTIVELY working on getting a shell script together that will run on an instance of Debian with ASL loaded on it to convert it to the mygmrs system and get the web management and all the rest working.  Once this is done, it will be a simple as loading Debian, then loading ASL and copying the script to the machine and executing the script.  I will have detailed instructions for doing this.

Now there will still be some other configuration that you would need to complete.  Things like setting the correct drivers to be loaded for the repeater / radio interface would need to be figured out by you.  But I will say this is all based on AllStarLink that Hams have been using for years.  There is a TON of online information on getting ASL setup and running,  but there of course are several things that need to be done to make it work with GMRS.


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