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Midland MXT575 channel stability issues



I own 2 MXT575 units I installed about a year ago.  We have been using simplex channel 17 with various PL or DCS tones for our car to car comms.  What I have been noticing is that after a few times of transmitting back and forth we would occasionally miss each others communication.  We decided to switch channels and the problem went away.  We go back to 17 and when she would key up it may or may not open the channel on my radio and vice versa.  I just purchased a handheld with frequency and code scanning capability and decided to scan the transmission from 17 and compare to other channels.  All of channels were spot on and with the PL or DCS tone as well except for 17.  17 about 50% of the time would show up as 462.6000 with the correct tone and the other times it would show 462.5975 with no tone.  When it transmits the latter it will not open up the channel on the other radio including the handhelds I have.  That channel seems to be unstable as all the others are dead on.  When I scan the transmitting from both radios I get the same results.  I'm not sure if its faulty factory programming or something else.  Thought I would post this in case if someone else has experienced this and what I found.  I assume there's not a fix for it unless it could be a firmware fix.  We just avoid simplex 17.  We also use the the repeater 17 for my repeater and that channel seems fine.  Just the simplex channel seems unstable.

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Some one else may be able to provide an answer as to why or even a fix. This is no real help but after being in the off road world for over 30years every one I know that ever purchased a midland or rugged ended up tossing them after a year or so for reasons like this.  They don’t seam to be that great and don’t seam to last very long for the price tag. 

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