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Celwave UHF 4 Bay Dipole Antenna



I am setting up another GMRS repeater in the area and have been donated an antenna.  The antenna has a Celwave sticker on it with a number etched in where it says model.  The number that is etched in says "2010-4_".  The "_" could either be a "5,S, or 8".  It is hard to read as it looks as though someone etched it in with a nail or something.  Once again possible combinations could be as follows:






I am inquiring if anyone has any information on this antenna.  I know nothing about these types of antennas and was provided next to no information on it upon picking it up.


I was told that it was a Celwave UHF 4 Bay Dipole Antenna that was tuned for GMRS and ALL 4 dipole array's need to be vertically aligned (elliptical pattern) and if I stager them (Omni pattern) that it will not work properly as this model was not designed for that.


I am requesting any and all assistance, documents, or additional information regarding this antenna.





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