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Automated emergency calls on 462.725 in Phoenix Metro

Guest chrisfromthelc

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Guest chrisfromthelc

I was programming my radios for an upcoming camping trip. I have FRS and GMRS programmed into my handhelds, and was testing one to make sure it was ready to go. I flipped over to GMRS22, which is 462.725, and have heard what sounds like automated emergency dispatches for the past hour (it's currently 3AM here in the Phoenix area). The calls all follow the same script: a unit, the emergency, an address, and the unit again, with "KX7" or another similar tag at the end. They're never for one area, and the addresses don't seem to have any specific pattern.

I thought maybe I miskeyed in frequencies, but double and triple checking, and I'm absolutely sure it's not on any local emergency channels, scanning, or anything of that sort. I even tested another already programmed unit to be sure.


Anyone know what it is, and why it's on a GMRS frequency?

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