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One of my endeavours lately is to unload any piece of electronic equipment that I will no longer need because soon, it will not be legal to place any electronics of any kind in the general trash. It must be taken to the contract recycling center to be dismantled and recycled as much as possible and there is a charge for that service that taxpayers will have to pay or be fined.


With that in mind, I "swapped" numerous 1960's to 1970's crystal type Bearcat I through IV scanners and some older wideband programmable Radio Shack and Regency scanners for an Astatic D-104 mic.  Don't know the model number for certain on this D-104, but it is a standard, amplified, grab bar style with a grey base. (It is probably a T-UG-8).  This mic is from roughly 1974 to 1977 and has no pitting on the switch contacts, no scratches and no cosmetic issues that I can see other than the 8 screws holding the mic head together are bronze rather than nickel plated - the plating has worn off.  The mic has great audio range and is wired for standard 4-pin Cobra CB configuration. I am not a 'ham' but I know that this type of mic is favored by some  amateur operators for sideband operations.


I think that I came out ahead on this deal... however, I have never seen a D-104 up close and never owned one until today. Is there anything that I should know about these from your experience?  It will only be on display in my communications museum and will get very little use, if at all.  Thanks...





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I had one of those back in the day . . . the early 80s when I was on CB.   The D104 "Silver Eagle" with its side bar PTT giving it the nickname "The D104 chicken choker."  They sounded really cool on CB.  I don't remember much any of the technical aspects, other than when you turned the gain people could gnats fart in your shack.  :)

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