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FCC Rule Changes Negatively Impact GMRS Licensees


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I want to point out that the FCC is once again proposing to encroach inside the band edges of the GMRS band .


Recently the FCC has approved waivers for several commercial part 90 operators to encroach in this manner. I apologize in advance for cross posting this on other boards, but this is important and is likely not to be noticed by many.


This started in about 2013 when Mobile Relay Associates of California requested to encroach on Part 95 band edges in LA and Miami. The GMRS community did not react and the FCC subsequently awarded waivers to permit MRA do do this without any reservation, nor any technical data in support that doing so would not cause interference to incumbent 25 KHz GMRS operations.



At a later date MRA attempted to obtain similar waivers to encroach on other spectrum and has been denied because "the assignment of non Part 90 spectrum to Part 90 licensees was contrary to FCC procedures". So in one case the FCC ignores their own procedures and assigns GMRS Part 95 spectrum to MRA and in another case, the FCC denies MRA access to spectrum which was part of the auctioned Radio Common Carrier band.


If you are a GMRS licensee, I urge you to respond vociferously to this FCC NPRM and make your voice heard,


"On its own motion but suggested by recent waiver requests, the FCC proposed to make available for PLMR use frequencies that are on the band edge between the industrial/business (I/B) pool and either general mobile radio service (GMRS) or broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) spectrum, to make certain frequencies that are designated for central station alarm operations available for other PLMR uses. The FCC also made certain updates and corrections and amended its rules to accommodate certain railroad operations.


Specifically in the I/B pool, the FCC proposed to amend the frequency table to add frequency pairs 451/456.00625 MHz and 451/456.0125 MHz, with the limitation that the authorized bandwidth not exceed 6 kilohertz.


The commission also proposed to amend the I/B pool frequency table to add frequency pairs 462/467.5375 MHz and 462/467.7375 MHz, with the limitation that the authorized bandwidth not exceed 4 kilohertz. “We tentatively conclude that it would be in the public interest to make additional frequencies available to PLMR applicants that can be utilized without overlapping the occupied bandwidth of currently assignable frequencies and without causing harmful interference,” the NPRM said."  


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