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CDM repeater



Looking to see if anyone in the group has a CDR repeater or perhaps just two CDMs in duplex operation?

I have the two mobiles with a rick controller and having a problem with the TX radio transmitting. Seams like both radio's are in RX mode. I get COR on the R.I.C.K indicating lite, but nothing coming out of the radio. i then plugged up a speaker mic and keyed up, and then i get power going to a watt meter.


I do have the R.I.C.K acknowledge on both radio's accordingly in the cps. maybe its my pinout configuration, maybe the rick is in a different set up(bi-directional) or something. I have ordered a service and programming manual for the CDR repeaters but has not come in yet. Hoping maybe someone out there would care to set me right with my set up?


thanks Ryan..73

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Hub is disabled, RICK is the HLN3333B, TX radio is programmed on 462.xxx on the transmit and 467.xxx on the rec,

RX radio is exactly the same.


that's what I heard others were programming to. I remember my GR300 repeater would let you "Blank" out the TX or RX, but the CDM's you cant...

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Figured it out. Forgot i had a R.I.C.K manual laying around and low and behold it was set for crossband bi-directional. Reconfigured the dip switches and works just fine now in full duplex...


thanks guys for your time to reply and help me out!



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