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Bowtie antenna

Guest ALEX

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You could if said bowtie is cut and calibrated for your TX frequency. If you have another antenna type for comparison, you may find a bow tie lacks efficiency and or bandwidth needed for effective 2 way radio. I have mostly seen bow ties deployed in Home UHF antennas, leading me to think it's better for Receive only applications. You could search Google for others experiments or do some testing of your own and do your own write up or video of the results.

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The characteristics of the wire used and environmental conditions present will affect the physical lengths of the radiators needed to achieve the best SWR curve.  If you build the antenna, be sure to allow extra radiator length to compensate for wire characteristics and factors such as ground quality and “capacitance” caused by proximity to trees or buildings.  The extra wire can be left dangling at the radiator ends and trimmed as needed to achieve the best SWR curve.

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