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I will show you a picture of a 2 meter AM VHF transceiver that was used many years ago. This radio was used for Civil Defense and were stored in fallout shelters throughout the United States. It would be interesting to know what type transceiver is used,for what we now call Homeland Security (aka Civil Defense) or whatever. To work in unison with Ham, GMRS, Police, Fire, TV stations etc., These considerations should be taken into account when deciding how GMRS should communicate. When I read the FCC's new rules, all I saw was interference. There was no mention of working together, and deciding what would be the norm so others may monitor emergency scenarios or communicate. Could you imagine somebody using the radio pictured in this post thinking it would work? Hopefully and safely we would start to prepare for what would be the standard operating procedure and not just worry about interference.

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Join your local Cert and get involved with you local lepc and you can learn how it is all brought together. I know maine has a well functioning system. Ps those radios you showed are valuable and if working can still be used. Nothing wrong with the am band and there are a few nets that get on the air weekly. google boat anchor radio

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