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Maryland GMRS Network


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For establishing and maintaining a GMRS repeater network for the purpose of maintaining radio communications with family and friends.

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  2. There was a Pasadena repeater testing there, pl-103.5. I haven’t heard that in a few weeks though.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to find and identify area repeaters (Montgomery County/Howard County area). Anyone aware of any repeaters in this area on .675? Thanks for any reply, WSCR525/David
  4. I appreciate the replies! I've identified two repeaters on 462.700 (Tx) that I can hit pretty easily from my location just south of Ashton. One uses a 141.3 tone (thanks radiozip), and another uses 167.9. I am assuming these are two different repeaters and not one repeater with two different tones! I do not have a directional antenna so I have no clue where these are without some driving around to see where they come up (which I'll do over the coming weeks).
  5. 141.3 is a popular tone, worth a try to see if you can bring it up.
  6. I'll try to poke around and figure it out
  7. Hi Again, Seems like this is not an active group?? If it is, does anyone here have experience retuning a duplexer for GMRS who might be able to give me some guidance or assistance? Thanks, David WSCR525
  8. Md GMRS Network, I've been looking into area repeaters. I'm hearing a repeater here in Montgomery County that's on 462.700 but I can't find it listed here on mygmrs. Can anyone tell me about where this repeater is, is it open use, and if so what's the tone? Thanks, David
  9. Hi, I just joined this club and am saying Hello. I am new to GMRS, though I held an advanced class amateur license (KD2RC) for many years and then drifted away from it. Recently got re-bitten by the radio bug and decided to use GMRS as a gentle dip in the pool. I see mention of a weekly evening net. Is this still active? David WSCR525
  10. new myself.. probably wouldn't be able to help much. I was able to access the local repeater!
  11. It looks like the Ellicott City repeater is back on line. Apparently it has been down for a while. I thought I wasn't programming my radio correctly.. but all this time it was the repeater.
  12. Thanks, I was really hoping to find someone to ask a few questions but the search continues.
  13. Hi Wasabi! WSBW475.. This is kind of a quiet club. I just joined myself. Hoping to get some action going.. Welcome aboard!!!!
  14. Anyone know a good way to scan for nearby repeaters that might not be listed? Apparently I am not in a good line of sight for any listed on the map (though I am well w/in the range they publicize). I am thinking about spinning up my own and I don't want to interfere w/someone who already has one.

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