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North Carolina GMRS Network


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North Carolina GMRS Network is a 501(c)(3) aims to improve North Carolina community emergency communications trough a simplified radio network. This way a person that is not interested in the hobby of ammeter radio (HAM) may have some of the benefits of HAM but do not need highly technical expertise in the art of radio to communicate during an emergency or other activities. The North Carolina GMRS Network does this by publicizes and utilizes GMRS repeaters in the community to link them together for increased coverage in the state. Some repeaters will be owned by NC GMRS NET, while others may be owned by private citizens willing to contribute to the network. NC GMRS NET also utilizes temporary/mobile GMRS and commercial repeaters during major emergency events. NC GMRS wishes to be a source for repeater owners and users to improve the use of GMRS in the state.

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