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GMRS Outlaws


Repeater's connected to the ORN and MYGMRS network. Good day to all in the club, if you have a simplex setup or a repeater setup and would like to list it here please do. also include how anyone could reach out to get access to your setup. This is all the forum to ask questions on getting setup and working your own system as well. Just remember, If you are planning put up a system it may take time to get traffice across your system. Building a system and keeping it up is of your own cost and you should always plan to be the only one to pay for the upkeep of your own system. Contributions from the community is appreciated but we all invest our money to enjoy the hobby and it should cost more just to talk on a repeater even if your not paying for it. Lastly if anyone ever requires a membership fee or "DONATION" to use or join or gain access to any gmrs repeater system, DON'T DO IT. GMRS is already expensive and what you paid for your fcc lic and your own radios is as far as your cost goes. THIS GROUP WILL ALWAYS BE FREE and the NETWORK SYSTEM THAT IS USED WILL ALWAYS BE FREE TO ACCESS.

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