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Test Rack

repeater test icom rack


Copyright 2013 Rich Dunajewski.

Test Rack

To kick off this gallery, I decided to upload a quick shot of my test rack at my house, even though it's not a GMRS repeater in it at the moment. Repeater is an Icom FR5000 (VHF) outputting 5W into a dummy load. It's connected to a URI for the Allstar link network, and the Dell tower is running the Allstar software.

When I have the time I'll add a rackmount power supply, some shelves, and a server so I can eliminate that big ol' desktop.

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    nice clean setup. If I showed you a picture of my control closet, you would laugh out loud.

    Looks like the beginning of something sweet. You should start searching for a 19" rack mount fan, and a 19" rack mount computer case.
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