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  1. I monitor the channels as well.
  2. Well if there are any folks in the Grand Rapids, MI area that have a group or would let me talk with them it would be appreciated. I heard two guys talking yesterday, tried to get in on the conversation, but then they mentioned they were on a repeater and discussing adding a second repeater. They either didn't hear me or ignored me. I was in Montana last two weeks and in the middle of know were, heard a guy on channel 5. I called to him and he responded. Said I sounded clear and loud and figured he was about 5-7 miles out. Will have to look at the YT sites to learn more. Thanks for you help.
  3. One of the reasons I bought GMRS was to have a backup when off road. It sounds like folks do not monitor the channels like the CB world? Because of the range I was told by others that GMRS would be a better choice then using my CB. I have been trying to get someone to respond to let me know if my radio is transmitting. To date no one has answered. So if I don't know anyone with a radio then the odds of getting a response is small or none?
  4. I have a MXT575, and just got it installed this week. I have been listening the past couple days. I have tried to reach folks but get no response. I'm looking for a place that might have tips for using your radio. Looking for things: 1. Are there listening channels as on the CB. 2. How do you communicate with others. It appears you have to communicate the channels you will be on. Any way if there is a place please let me know. Thanks
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