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  1. So long as trees aren't in the way, we've got a clear view of Port Colborne, Ontario due north of us across the lake.
  2. Fascinating; I had no idea things were being updated/changing. Other than slavishly following FCC press releases, would licensees be notified (by email?) of changes to license terms?
  3. Howdy, all! So glad the kids have taken to carrying their radios with them when they bike around town and are off with friends; getting the GMRS license is a no-brainer for active families. I'm looking to add a mobile unit to my car -- I'm looking at the Midland MXT400 -- and since we live in a rural area near Lake Erie and the Canadian Border, I'm confused as to what's permitted from a power standpoint North of Line A. Are mobile units limited to 5, 15, or 50 Watts? Is the MXT400 legal for use if the Power output can be reduced? Can it be reduced? Aside from well-known frequency restrictions, what are the power requirements north of Line A? Thanks in advance!
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