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  1. I have a simplex repeater on top of a 100 foot building, and when I transmit to the repeater to get a response, I will sometimes get a clear response, and sometimes I will get a response of static. Could it be the other radio equipment and antennas on top of the building making interference? Is the transmitter of too little quality to act as a repeater (it's a handheld radio and a repeater controller)? I know that the repeater does not have an issue with transmitting, it is an issue with receiving. Here are some specs: Antenna: PCTEL ASP76551 Repeater controller: Suretech Simplex Repeater Controller, SR112 Transmitter: BTECH GMRSv1 Cable used: RG58/AU Also, two adapters are used on the cable
  2. As found on page 70 of the GMRS rules (http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2017/db0519/FCC-17-57A1.pdf): So if I have a repeater set up at my house, it's a fixed station and the 15 watt max applies, right?
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