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  1. One of the first things I did out of the gate was put up a repeater outside of town and advertised it on all gmrs web pages. It's actually getting kind of busy on there at times. We will be putting up a few more and try linking w strictly RF to stay away from internet. So the fcc ok's 50 watt repeaters but only one Chinese company makes radios that are 95 certified to be used as repeater with less than perfect duty cycle. They need to allow the use of other equipment that can be programmed similar to part 95.
  2. There are radios that fit the bill but only a ccr will probably be part 95 etc etc. As an example only because I have read up on them, Motorola xts5000 model 3 fpp looks like it would be pretty perfect and programmable making it close to 95 Yada Yada. And can take weather and keep working. The best part is all the accessories still available for these HTs. Like I said back when I started the ccr thread, I don't like supporting the capital c in that title,... well it gets difficult to not do that and stay compliant
  3. Wow this is an old thread with some newer replies. I'm glad there are some you tubers that can make the radio world look fun and interesting. Cause man there are some complexes going on here.
  4. I have this exact same one and it works great. Had to make a mounting bracket for the top of my truck but it is well worth it. Using an amplifier with this antenna works really well.
  5. That may indeed. Right now I've been using batteries and it's functioning fine. I have one eliminator left. Wouxun is fast to blame the amp in line with radio although Motorola makes a device you drop your HT into and it too has an in line Amp, charges the battery and uses installed antenna. And actually I'm about to receive my new Motorola and want to see how it does and I'll figure out where best to use it. May just get a converticon and be set.
  6. I did that exact thing. I got my license, my personal radios for a little while. Now I have 40 watt Motorola repeater on on DB411 antenna with heliax hardline 120' agl on mountain. Great coverage. I'd say a very good start.
  7. No once it starts it happens all the time. Right now I just use a battery. I have one more so I'll try it again.
  8. I tried to upload a video but since it takes about 30 sec to shut off the file is too large. I've trimmed it down and it.still won't work. Strange it's only on rptr channels where it drops TX.
  9. It works when just listening but key up and talk and you have about 20 S before it shuts off the transmission. I'll record it and post it.
  10. This is the second battery eliminator from wouxun that from my point of view is now trash. They replaced the first one that died so Im thinking I just got a bad one. Now I'm thinking there is either something I did or someone needs to go back drawing board. The first time it happened with the first B. E. , I started to get cut off while transmitting. By the clock it would shut off transmission after 20-30 sec. I keep an HT in my truck and keep it hooked up to antenna as well as battery eliminator on the HT. I do unplug sig lighter when getting out of the truck so to my knowledge it hasn't been accidentally transmitting for any length of time. I just got the bigger battery so between those two I probably don't need an eliminator. But I still have one last B. E., un opened. Guess for emergency it can be useful but it too will probably have a countdown.
  11. I will say that its very understandable why they use radios. Cell signal on the beach is terrible so they are using what works. I am really impressed with the number of gmrs repeaters in the state!! That is pretty cool for sure.
  12. On vacation in Florida. Looking over list of repeaters in the state it's easy to see that it's a big deal down here. Easily over a hundred in the state and that is just the ones on the list. While at the beach in a tall condo tower I could hear lots of conversations. Several were just on frs frq but many were on gmrs/repeater freq. Absolutely no one used a call sign on the gmrs. No one! If you go to repeater tab and look up Florida it's amazing how many repeaters there are. I'm sure many are used in business but don't they still have to use call sign every 15 min? Just an observation.
  13. Recent addition. For fathers day I got the B-tech 25 watt amp to use with HT in my truck. Was pretty pleased so far. I have a better quality pigtail on the way. And by that I mean a little thicker and hopefully will take a bit more wear and tear. I was using a battery saver and toward the end of last week I started being cut off from transmitting and the radio would beep and act like it turned back on. I thought it was TOT but it wasnt. It wound up being the saver getting hot and cutting off. Switched to back up saver and problem solved. As far as amplification, my swr shows 24 watts output from amp. It was advertised as producing some sort of multiplication of input wattage. My HT puts out 4.8 so doesnt look like that is what is happening.
  14. Yes Michael It is a lot of fun. But just under the surface is also a desire to not be controlled by an outside company to rely on for communication. And getting things together and seeing it work is great. My father was a master electrician and dealt with the first cable company in our city. Many times he had to build equipment because there were few things out there at the time. When he was young he was a radio operator voice and Morse code on b 29. I attempted code but I sucked so there goes that. I can geek out with the best of them but having a self sustaining means of coms is the best reasons. I will get as much kick from making my own installation brackets that work the way I want them to work just as much as the radio equipment it self.
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