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  1. Yes the company is great on help, advice and product support. You will like the radio once all of the bugs for your radio fixed. Glad they are taking care of the issue for you.
  2. Have you tried lowering the power for the frequency your using when close to the receiving transceiver. The reason I ask is my wife let me know there was the same issue when I was less then 2 miles from the base station when I keyed up but as I drove farther away it quit might give that a try. I did lower the power with the microphone and the issue went away. May not be your issue but worth trying!
  3. I have found using the manual that came with your radio gives almost all of the uses of the software and what/how you do it. My issue was key words that were in the software meant noting to me until I looked them up in the printed booklet and things became more clear. Once I got over that hurdle I can change what I want to get the radio the way I want it, hope this helps!
  4. Also do not forget you can monitor HAM frequencies (but not transmit on them) with this transceiver which will give you a better idea of the world of ham radio, just an fyi!
  5. Wow mine shows the right power for all the repeater channels!
  6. A few things to consider when installing you transceiver. One the plug in for the programming cable is on the side of the radio not using the same port as the hand held microphone which needs to be considered especially for under seat installations. Two is which faceplate to use will depend on where you install the radio, default is the face plate looking slightly up. If you want a flat face plate, change it on your work bench not in your vehicle (it is a tight fit for the patch cord on the flat face plate). Three the supplied mounting bracket is the way all brackets should be made start the four screws and slide them into the precut groves (no dropped screws), I really like this feature especially in a jeep!!!!
  7. Does that include the repeater channels as some medical facilities are using them and I am sure they do not all have a license?????
  8. Mine lets me save with Chirp all NOAA frequencies. I skipped about 4 channels an the entered them no problem! You can by channel decide which ones you include in your scan feature!
  9. Congratulations!!!! Still studying on line!
  10. On the cable PCO-03 $14.99 for the Wouxun 1000G comes with a CD disk with the drivers. As a comparison the Kenwood 8180 K is a solid transceiver and the two work fine. Where the 1000 K shines is 50 watts, dual band scanning (say your group uses GMRS on the trail but the leader and the talk gunner want to be able to talk on GMRS 22 to make sure every one is making the correct turns you can set the first side to GMRS 22 and the second side to GMRS 17 and monitor both at the same time). The programing with a cable is better than the key pad but the key pad does many things on the fly. Great radio so far and the squelch actually works!
  11. Let's see if the link works. http://mikesdigitalsolutions.com/blog/?page_id=1083 2011 JK New Wouxun KG 1000G and a 3db antenna
  12. Just do not coil it real tight as I did no issues at all!
  13. Wow that is strange compared to my experience. I am getting great results on both receive and transmit, simplex and repeater use. On my base setup I am hearing HT talk from a rest home that the staff uses to stay in touch. My two Kenwood's and my HT GMRS V1 do not pick up those transmissions. On the last simplex test I was able to transmit 0ver six miles through trees and buildings with clear audible on the receive end but his HT could not reach any of my units. Sounds like your transceiver is having issues. Good luck!
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