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  1. It's situation dependant, but it's very likely it would help considerably.
  2. I'm pretty much exactly the same as mbrun.
  3. I could see them coming out with something fairly affordable aimed directly at what I was suggesting. The market has a knack for finding ways to make things affordable enough to market to the masses. Not so much for us radio nerds, but when they can make a ton off of "normal" people? I could see it.
  4. A clearer and more strictly enforced line drawn between the "general" and "technical" forums might serve that purpose. It seems kinda scatter shot sometimes with where people post what. Not a reflection on the forum though, just the posters.
  5. I could see the possibility when opened up to a larger market of devices with an integrated screen. Even if it's just a base unit that can track where the satellite units are at. That would be ideal for me keeping track of the kids in the neighborhood anyways.
  6. I had similar symptoms due to interference from my reverse camera signal wire. I found the delayed transmit especially strange. Almost like a BCL but not.
  7. Very interesting. I'll be watching to see if and how they implement the GPS bit. Hopefully the price barrier would keep me from "hearing" where hundreds of kids in my area are while chatting on their Pokemon radios from Wallyworld. On the FM for CB, I'm very for it and it might be useful enough to make get a new CB that was capable of doing both. Could they do like interstitial channels on FM to deconflict or something?
  8. He does indeed sound like him. Even sounds like he is in to off-road vehicles as well. Weird
  9. I had the same issue with my KG1000. Turned out me reverse camera was causing interference on a specific channel.
  10. Not trying to be snipey here, but it's because there is no generally agreed upon channel. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against 20. I'm hoping it becomes the undisputed calling king of what turns out to be very busy GMRS airways. I'm just saying, by virtue of the fact so many people don't "know" and we are discussing it, don't you think it's still a bit of an unknown? Saying "I declare it so" or seeing it on some other forum from some guy who says so doesn't make it so. I was joking about 19, but I now officially support 20 for a "road" channel. I hope it succeeds.
  11. Pilots occasionally do that with us. Rest assured, if you ever hear a pilot say that on frequency to a controller, all the controllers are making fun of them off frequency Conversely, we used that phraseology all the time in Civil Air Patrol when I was younger. Over (ksshhhhk).
  12. I'm off the mind there isn't an agreed upon, generally used travel channel. I wish there was. Maybe 19 would be good just to make the old CB guys feel more at home
  13. Very happy with mine. Noticable performance improvement over my Jpole and Ed Fong.
  14. Agreed. Bonus points for using moot.....and correctly! Seeing that screwed up bugs me.
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