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  1. I had the same happen here. Thought I was on a repeater in Baltimore about 50 miles away. Turns out it was an unlisted one on a mountain not far from here.
  2. That is more restrictive than I thought. Good info, thanks.
  3. As a matter of decency, yes. Just know that it's not the law or anything. If you put your listed or even unlisted repeater out there and somebody finds it and starts using it without permission (roger beeps and all), they aren't breaking any laws. If they comply with all applicable regulations, don't expect the FCC to do anything but laugh at you over the phone when you call in to report somebody using your repeater without your permission. Nobody owns any frequency on GMRS and if you put your equipment on the air, be prepared for anybody and everybody to use it, because they can. Is it rude? Yes. I don't want people doing it, but they can.
  4. But who is trying to be "professional" on GMRS? Courteous and a good neighbor, yes. Anything beyond that and complying with the rules is just pretending to be something you're not.
  5. How do you like the sound quality specifically of that Android head unit?
  6. I leave mine on for my younger son's FRS HT just so I know it's him. My older son I trust with a GMRS HT and don't use it. They are 6 & 8 so their voices sound very similar, plus it's not going to upset many people only being in FRS toy with very limited range. It doesn't really bother me when people use it though.
  7. I have discovered Chick fil A in my town uses FRS handhelds with their drive thru coordination. I have been sitting in line before listening to them say who goes where. Might try giving myself a shortcut and a free frosted coffee next time 😆
  8. That's what I was getting at with my question. I'm guessing no dummy load was used.
  9. What is your test equipment?
  10. There's a small 5w repeater by Retevis I believe that seems like it would suit your needs perfectly. As far as solar goes, I don't know of any integrated radio/solar setup, but a generic home brew solar array for that would be pretty easy and relatively cheap.
  11. IRST stuff, or something else? I'm sure there are probably a bunch of other applications for that tech I'm just not thinking of. That's just so high profile and attention grabbing. Anywho, welcome!
  12. Does anybody make an OTS 12v power supply with an integrated battery backup? I'm considering moving my KG-1000 inside the house since the kids would have all their needs met by a much cheaper radio. I'd like to have it for always available family comms, including when the power is out (and the wife leaves her phone on vibrate somewhere random which is the norm). I guess I could just plug my current power supply in to a standard 120v UPS, but I was wondering if there's anything out there specifically designed for this?
  13. Oh yeah, zero worries about part 95e compliance from me. Already have a Boefang cable too. I'll look into them, thanks! Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  14. This gets me interested in these, especially the comments about the receive range. I like the lack of ability for the kids to really mess them up. I'm going to look in to them. Repeater capable, right?
  15. Move them father apart. Have somebody take one into the front yard and try.
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