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  1. thank you all for the adivce … so after a month of fiddeling with the kg-1000G I finally got it hooked up and running was able to have a convo with someone 118 mils away what I have personally learned from this since im a total NEWBIE in the raido world .. this is for ANY AND ALL NEWBIES or anyone i guess for that matte things to purchase IMO along with your radio espically if its a mobile / base unit 1. purchase a DC power supply dont be like me sitting in your vehicle for hrs off and one here and there with your tablet/ipad marking repeaters that you can reach and ones you cant with your new radio while in the AZ heat melting away lol enjoy the comforts of the inside of your home with cental air while you fiddle with setting/programming your new radio lol 2. purchase the program cable nothing off amazon,ebay etc ( trust me ) I already did that and it didnt work spent more hours in the AZ heat trying to fig it out and then called buytwoway and they informed me that its speficifc to that radio so I had to order it and its on its way hopefully it will make it here before I leave or im gonna have to program them by hand as I pass though multilpe states in a a day or two 3. have a old windows pc or something to use to program your mac/apple wont work
  2. Installed the kg-1000 in my 21 gladiator to the freedom panels latche; for now, I used 2 CMM ball mounts that replace the existing freedom panel screws a ram mount phone holder, and along with two ram mount socket arms to hold the face and mic for the mic I used bullet mounting solutions CB holder the ball on the CB holder the base located under the seat
  3. thank you i will look into those
  4. Yea, my plan is a permanent install since it's going into a 21 gladiator. I’m still looking for mounting options thinking of just having the screen someplace above my head and the base installed under the dash or the whole unit above my head secured to a molle panel or and still looking for an excellent place to install the antenna was thinking in the front of the read between the cab and the bed and i will see once it arrives, and i get it all connected and up and running
  5. Hello, gmrs members I am new to the gmrs world I am hoping someone could assist me I purchased my gmrs license and ordered the “ocean” 1000G i been watching youtube videos and reading where you need to cut some antennas and others you don’t need to so my question is what is the good antenna/s to run for trails and long distance and a good call cable Thanks everyone
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