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  1. I received the radio yesterday! Hopefully, I can decide the mounting arrangement in my Jeep and get it up and running this weekend.
  2. I was able to reach them in a chat today. They said they expect a shipment before the end of September and anticipate my order will be filled soon. Thanks!
  3. Have you fired that thing up yet? If so, how do you like it? I've heard the speaker is really loud, which is appealing to me as it would be in a noisy Jeep.
  4. I ordered one from btwr and it is backordered. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for them to get them in stock? I've got a trip in 3 weeks and will have to cancel and order a different radio if it doesn't arrive in time to properly install it.
  5. How did you find it in stock? Was that at Btwr?
  6. I think I'll be selling mine, too. I just ordered a Wouxun KG-1000. At least I can mount the big base under the seat in my Jeep and then have some flexibility on where to put the face plate. I'd hold out for the 575, but I don't think it will be out in time for my next big trip. Quick question....If wide band is better, why did they ever make these radios narrow band? (I don't know the difference, really, but I know my MXT275 has trouble communicating with wideband radios.
  7. Midland told me August for the new 50 watt radios. So keep an eye out! They could drop any day!
  8. Any new news as to when we might see these? I'm particularly interested in the 575.
  9. Not sure why that's a problem if they meet your needs. They have good customer service, so there's that.
  10. That is great news! I'll be all over that 575!
  11. What are some other cheap radios that would be able to receive? The GMRS Wouxun looks nice but is pricey. Would a cheap $26 Baofeng be able to do it?
  12. Where did you see it for $40? The first search I did turned up about $90. What about this, same unit you are suggesting? https://www.amazon.com/50KHz-900MHz-Analyzer-Measuring-Parameters-Standing/dp/B07Y53RCKW Thanks!
  13. I may have missed this in previous posts, but are the Baofeng radios technically legal on any frequency range? GMRS? I'm seeing what I think are mixed views on whether they are GMRS legal, or not. They are popular with 4wd and car clubs, and I know many are using them, sometimes on GMRS frequencies, without a license. I've cautioned them on using them and also about using GMRS frequencies without a license but none seem to care. So can a licensed GMRS user communicate with them on a GMRS channel legally? And it looks like they are not technically legal for FRS, partly due to too much power. I guess I'm confused as to why they would be permitted to be sold if they aren't technically legal at least somewhere. That'd be like an illegal drug being permitted to be sold but not used. Then again, with the federal government, nothing really surprises me. Maybe legal for licensed HAM operators? I just thought of one use that should be 100% legal. They receive FM radio! Lol!
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