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  1. Updated 4-14-24 Rev. 5 GMRS Contacts Manager-4-14-24_ Rev.5.xlsm
  2. Please let me know if there are any questions. This database is searchable by call signs including partial call sign, first name, last name, city, etc. You can amend (update) the data as well as indicate a contact was made. Jeff (WSAD407)
  3. Quick question, do you need to have the output tone programed. Within CHIRP, under "tone mode", do I choose TSQL with the squelch tone of say 141.3 (TX), or do I choose "Tone" with both TX and RX set to say 141.3? The Moline repeater seems to work fine set to TSQL but under repeater details it shows input 141.3 and output at 141.3 which means I should be set to "tone vs TSQL"? Thoughts?, Jeff - WASAD407
  4. Hey everyone, Name: Monroe (Jeff) George Location: Holland Callsign: WSAD407
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