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  1. So youre saying if i live in a area with alot of trees and hills unity gain is the way to go ?
  2. Thanks .... yea i have manual , the fuse is good , repeater was up and running for close to 20 years with no problems, i think my zello device got hung up and stayed keyed but i was sure i had time out programmed into repeater , what can tell you is when i turn on no lights come on or anything but i can hear a faint high pitch sound coming from somewhere in the repeater near the power supply
  3. Hi i have a ericsson drc 200 repeater that has suddenly went dead on me , not powering up , any advice or does anyone know of a place that might work on these , thanks
  4. hi guys , its been a while since ive been on this site , can anyone tell me if there is a free version of the software for the m1225 radio yet , i thought id just ask here first instead of googling, thanks
  5. lol....yea i know what echolink is......wasnt sure if they started allowing gmrs in there, i know of tleast one link for ,cb linked to ham repeater believe it or not but i will check out these other sites you sent me, ive had up repeater for over 10 yers now at my house and know there was never any of this stuff allowed, wasnt sure if rules changed after i heard these other system in the area...ok thanks
  6. so youre saying its legal and where would i find these links to get on other repeaters, they arent listed in echolink are they ? i havent checked in a while but i never seen them listed there
  7. hello all , been a while since i last logged in , my question i when did linking become legal, i have repeater ner me with local cht nd one guy is in CA. is this new in the rules ? just wondering
  9. hello , im hearing state pd on 462.650 with a pl of 167.9, im in bergen county nj , is this re broadcast or what ? anyone else hear this ?
  10. hello all again , captdan it is a small world as they say, it was someone playing games that night for sure, i had a number of hams listen and key up as it was coming over gmrs, i was using multiple radios at once and the one scanner was a bearcat 996xt so it was showing me the pl tone of a local gmrs system, personally i dont care what people do as long it doesnt bother me or broadcast me on ham simplex freqs from gmrs or the other way around..lol...when im in the shack i monitor lot of stuff and gmrs is one as i do have a low power system up myself for about 10 years here , i use the bigger systems in area when needed, ok guys ill keep an eye out here and everyone have a happy new year.
  11. ill post if i hear it again, ive been a member of this site for a long time but never posted, so im glad i got a response and im thinking people who have done this also see these post....lol...that was the plan, now im dealing with 20 year olds that are on the local fire dept driving around town acting like cops on .700 freq, theyre killing..lol...anyways have a good holiday to all.
  12. not intermod, someone playing games over here, heard going through a popular uhf system which the person some times links up to 146.52 , so it all was going through 462.700 but now has been disconnected, since this post.
  13. lol...yes i know that, just wanted to see how many other people hear it in area
  14. 12/22/13.....at around 7:30 pm , im hearing 462.700 crossbanding on 146.52, when did this become legal ?
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