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  1. 141.3 Hz PL for repeater. Is this PL synonymous with CTCSS for repeater access? If a local area repeater on the map shows "Tone In 141.3, Tone Out 141.3. (PL/DPL/CSQ) that 141.3 programmed into my radio will get me onto the repeater by simply transmitting a signal on the repeater channel posted? Another repeater says Tone Out No CSQ/No tone and Tone In 141.3. Just wondering the simplest, elementary method to get onto and use a repeater (after permission). Also, I found both repeaters on the myGMRS app. Neither show up on the Map until I select "Show Outdated" at the top. Is that meaningful?
  2. "..the performance of this unit makes you deal with the shortcomings of the radios form." First time GMRS user and waffling between the 805-G at $80 and a used Kenwood TK380 for $95.. my brain's becoming a rattle-trap..lol. Is the 805 an EZ program via cable?
  3. Hijacking: https://used-radios.com/products/kenwood-tk-380-ltr-trunking-portable-radio Right track for 1st HT? Version 1 firmware so no Windows programming (DOS - yuk) but can have it programmed by seller. Looked on ebay but usually radio only, no charger, etc. Figure I can pickup a spare battery online. Might jump into Kenwood mobile unit after messing with this..
  4. "All I use are 880/380's so if you need anything give me a shout." Wide open offer.. I'm just the kind of pest who'd take you up on that.. lol. I guess it's safe to assume you like both these units. Looking at that same combo for my first venture into GMRS (880/830 or possibly the 863G). Forgive my ignorance on the topic (evident by other posts I've made - RCM has already been a big help BTW ). Have considered the Wouxun KG-805 Pro GMRS posted here but thinking maybe the Kenwood HT might be a better choice - maybe you can give me the reasons. It's $15 more but I want to try and get it right 1st time, last time, with something reliable and durable. Figure I can have them both programmed identically from the vendor in the used market and/or get a cable and software. Questions: I read in this thread that you're programming HAM frequencies into these radios. I do not have a HAM license but know how and where to get it and am considering. Question is can I LEGALLY program in the HAM freq for Monitor only (no TX)? Not a big deal, just thought it would be interesting and possibly prompt me to get my license once I get a taste of HAM. Of course, I could be another interloper that lasts a few months and drops the 'hobby' completely. Found a couple local GMRS repeaters yesterday (via the myGMRS Android App) within 10 miles and in line of sight from my house so I'm kind of itching to get started on this (as in, learn how to access a repeater) and see what's out there. Thanks for the time.
  5. Any updates on this HT? Looking for a decent (non CCR/Bubble pack) HH radio. BTech V1 on Amazon says 2W high power?? What happened to 5w? Options and opinions encouraged. Thanks
  6. Pretty much covered earlier in this thread. Thanks.
  7. Thinking I'll attach an aluminum (bolt) or steel (weld) 1.5 - 2" angle iron about 13" long to the kayak rack and drill a hole for NMO and antenna. Should provide a decent ground plane for the quarterwave antenna.
  8. Just found this thread doing a search for "best HT/HH" (not finding BTW). Grabbed my new Samsung Tab A 8.0" that I intend to use for map apps on my UTV and downloaded the myGRMS app. Hit Open and the tablet asks for permission to know my location - Yes - and BOOM, 2 local repeaters pop up on the list. Neither of these appear on the maps from the website so a great surprise. I don't even have a radio yet but this makes me want one even more. FCC shows a list of local GMRS license holders (I know none of them) so I know there are 20 or so folks licensed in the area; whether they use the system I guess I won't know until I listen up. Anyway, first look is a positive for the new App. Edit: Clicking on the repeater in the App allows me to View on website (myGMRS) and there it is.. hmm. Both repeaters are 'open' so will touch base with the owners regardless of whether permission is required.. just as a courtesy and to start out on the right foot. Might get an invite to the repeater (one is likely on the mountaintop I used to visit to maintain microwave telecom).
  9. I submitted the used-radios spreadsheet to them using ALL your suggestions. They say 1 - 4 days to review and get back to me so will see what they say. Not sure if the front panel programming mod you suggested is available on both the and TK863G so I asked that question in the Notes section of their form. I don't know if that'll be enough to sway me to the 880 (if display programming is not available on TK863G it might make the radio more stupid proof for me - avoid unintended mods). Also downloaded Service Manuals for both models. Gobs of options in there so I'm sure there'll be a sharp learning curve. If/when I pull the trigger and do a good install I'll know I went with the good stuff instead of off-the-shelf stuff.
  10. Funny thing about this whole deal - I know nobody who uses GMRS and my 'group' will consist of family members to whom I hand a HT for trail riding, fishing, hunting, etc. But GMRS could also be handy to monitor others out there, especially hunting, if/when stuff happens, and where there's lots of wide open high desert, and line-of-sight can be 30++ miles. Montana, where we summer, is a whole different beast, with narrow trails and lots of timber. I'm leaning toward the 863...
  11. Hmm.. ebay seller says 863G programming cable is 8-pin. Guess I'll wait to receive the radio to confirm. used-radios has an XL spreadsheet to fill in with channel programming information. Is there a common standard for GMRS that I can copy or do I need to get all kinda specific with TX/RX Freqs? Again, only access to a few repeaters when I'm traveling out of my local area and then is sketchy cuz I'm deep in the back-country on the Wolverine. Apologies for all the mundane questions but with all your help I have a greater chance of getting a working system. (Next up is the "Best HT" search.)
  12. used-radios.com tells me the 863 is a newer radio than the 880, that "the buttons will last longer" and it has a few more options/features.. maybe features I might not need. 880 V1.0 is DOS programming only. 880 Firmware V2.0 is Windows. 863 is Windows only. 880 programs from display (youtube) - 863 does not. Probably a non-issue if the Windows programming is EZ. Should I just get the standard GMRS 1 - 7 and 15 - 22 pre-programmed? Any other whistles I should ask for? I'll get the cable and software just to have.. I do like to tinker with my toys. Anyone have a link to both (I know, SEARCH). I have found the Owner's Manuals online so no one will have to tell me to RTFOM! Maybe. Thanks folks!
  13. New quandary. I've been cruising/surfing to make a choice on which Kenwood to buy. Most info is from here, some from used-radios.com Kenwood TK880 Kenwood TK863G The 880 seems to have most mentions. Prices seem to be within $10 or so. What are the differences please? The more I learn, the more I don't know... but I'm thinking 25W should be plenty of oomph for mobile (non-repeater) use in the mountains. Thanks again folks.
  14. Did the deal get done? Looked at M1225, 20Ch at $135 and Kenwood TK-863G, 256Ch at $95 on usedradios.com. They seemed to think the Motorola was more than I need. Use will be mobile to HT, little if any repeater use. Is one much "better" than the other? I've pretty much put Midland out of the picture.
  15. No, I need 6 - 8 ft. of cable from antenna to radio. I'm not worried about the loss but I don't want to roll up a bunch of unneeded cable in the side-by-side. Will contact the Farm for custom stuff. Thanks.
  16. Great stuff guys. And an education for offroad stuff to consider. There are few if any repeaters where I ride so the unity gain sounds like the ticket. That means I can go with 6" 1/4 wave for all the reasons you guys list. Typically layman of me to think a taller antenna MUST have better range and performance than a tiny 6".. lol. The NMO connector you list has 17' of RG58 when I need only 6 - 8' and don't want to coil any extra. Hence the attempt to get a custom built cable. Still working on that at the Antenna Farm. Not finding an option for NMO on one end and 259 on the other. There is this: https://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/pctel-maxrad-mtpm-1157 and I could get my custom length cable with PL259 on both ends, eh?
  17. It's a double layer plastic roof with a gap in between. Need the antenna off to one side to stay away from the kayak when loaded.
  18. Looking through Antenna Farm and find options for Custom cable to go with the 1/2 wave antenna suggested. 7' of Belden 8219 Standard RG58 coax 2 Amphenol 082-5375-RFX (N Male) RG-259 Shrink wrapped. PCTEL Maxrad MUF4502S All for $63 and change. Would combo this with a reman Kenwood TK83G from used-radios.com. Programmed CH. 1 - 6 and 15 - 22 Right track? Maaannnn... I'm a pest! But, if I get it right the first time.. All good food for thought.
  19. I have no ground plane available. Plastic roof on UTV. Options are vertical rollbar antenna mount or a NMO mounting bracket off the steel kayak rack. Or I'll just get a couple decent HH and call it a day.
  20. Now for the antenna: If a 32" antenna is 1/2 wave (450 - 470 Mhz) does that make a 15" 1/4 wave? Is 1/4 wave ideal? And which affects range most - antenna length or wavelength? The Kenwood is 25W so a maximum of 3db gain antenna to stay within 50W regulation on mobile radio? in a mobile application (UTV, no ground plane). Planning to mound on the side of the steel kayak roof rack or possibly on a vertical roll bar. You guys have already been a lot of help. Thanks for the guidance.
  21. Do I need only 22 for GMRS? Don't most GMRS specific radios (Midland, etc) have sub-channels? As you can tell I'm new to the format. Thanks.
  22. Copy/Paste from Equipment Reviews thread. Thought I'd consolidate my endless questions to keep me on track. Thanks for input and patience. Searched and found a little bit.. Application: Mobile radio for UTV Had been thinking Midland MTX115 for my side by side but reading here that they're not that highly regarded so while looking online for a used Motorola M1225 (recommended here) I came across Kenwood TK863G here: https://used-radios....price-ascending The page if FULL of what look to be good radios in the correct 450-490-ish range. Recommendations? I know I don't want to get stuck on some kind of search for programming, cables, etc. Just going for offroad use, seldom repeater access. Wow! Edit/Add. They will program 16 channels free, 6 additional for $25 to total 22. That cover all the GMRS spectrum correct?
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