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  1. So I've been following a few threads regarding this radio, but this one has the most activity apparently. I've had my radio since March 2021 and I replaced an Anytone AT-779U (not UV) which was an "okay" radio. It did the job but was only about 15 watts, not the 18 watts as specified. Again it did a decent job. The processor in there seemed a bit sluggish. Programming was possible via CHIRP as well as it's own proprietary software. The cable plugged into the audio/speaker port on the back. I was interested in getting the 778-UV but I found the 779UV at a better price so I decided to jump on it. Once I got it I noticed that it was pre-locked to GMRS/FRS channels with no way to program it. So after waiting for the seller to get back to me about how to unlock it, I remembered a few HT's I had have some funky key sequences. So I looked around the interwebs for something familiar and bingo, found the key sequence. Once opened, this radio is really nice. Either GMRS/Amateur/Commercial/Open modes are available. I chose Open as I needed to program repeater channels and tones. So initially I tried using CHIRP and no, it's not compatible at all. I did try the RA25 setting on CHIRP as well but no luck. So I went to the manufacturer website and downloaded v2.00 of their software. It does work fine, but poor software design. No auto-tab for cells. But lately I've figured out how to program the radio from the console buttons on it more and it's actually quite easy. The only reason I would use the software is to back up my settings in hopes that CHIRP would one day be compatible. The one thing I wish the radio can do which the 779UV was able to do was CTCSS/DCS tone scanning.
  2. The AT-770UV is factory locked to GMRS/FRS channels, no repeater offset or PL. Turn off the radio, hold down V/M and turn it on. Set mode to the bands you want, turn off then it's ready to be programmed. It can be programmed (cumbersome method) on the dash itself, but using the software download (version 2.0) from the anytone.net site is the best way to go. As most Chinese-made software, it's not very friendly but usable. I started with the AT-779U and it is compatible with chirp. With 15 (advertised as 18) Watts, it worked really well. speaker wasn't very loud but still for what it is, a very decent little radio. I wanted a louder speaker and mic controls so I upgraded to the UV model. The U did not need to be unlocked but the UV does. It does have many modes to chose from and the GMRS mode is really more FRS, however it does have a commercial mode for ISM and GMRS which is programmable. I opened mine up to use both licenses.
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