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  1. why would you buy something that you have to work on,the picture I seen had cut wire's you would have to take it apart and put new ones in, plus they are saying as is so they can not test this radio to see if it even come on. I would spend the money on a new one or one that someone has that works for what your needs are. old radio like that will not keep you on the air for long if they are not tested.
  2. No these repeaters are set for these channels it would be the same trying to use you license to get on Ham channels they would be telling you to get off reel quick
  3. You do know that with chirp you can set any radio to do what you want, I set all my radios up with chirp and put the changes in at that site, if you got a retevis hand held radio this is the same as a baofeng 5rv and will do the same setting. And you can also set the setting not to tranmitt on the channels you don't want them to and also to skip the ones that you don't want in the scan. then save these setting for other radios that way they are all the same way you want. Have fun with them as long as you are not over 50 watts out you will be ok, If you follow all the rule out there you will be buying just the radio that they want you to and leaving out really good one that you could be using.
  4. There is a lot of people building these pi to hook to the internet and different radios, I think a lot of people would like to see how you did it and where you got the program to set into your system. One of the hardest thing to do is build a pi system then hook it to you radio and then to the internet and putting in the right address to make sure your at the right place on the internet and then how to hook it to that site. Please tell us how you build your system and what was used even show pictures of what was used . This is why other are out here and they want to be a part of this site but can not reach the repeater but still here everything that is said. Now you can show them hoe you get on the radio for others to here you and have a conversion and enjoy MGRS like it should be. GOD bless and now shear with others.
  5. I have midland radio like new had them in the car for about 2 months and now I am a ham person and stepped up to radios that I could program with the channel I would need so now I dont have a use for these radios. one has 40 watts but was showing around 55 to 60 watts the other is 15 watt and bout work great thet will come with antennas and ready to go. You can e mail me at rodprice@ymail.com and I will get back to you.
  6. what are you asking anytone are real good radio but if you are going to use this with GMRS you will need to up your licence to ham licence because of the wattage this radio put out.
  7. I have a great midland radio that when I had it in my car I was getting out over 50 miles and hitting a repeater about 45 miles away, it was great when I was traveling and could talk to people, right now I took and received my Ham license and have a more powered radio with GMRS channels in it also and now I don't need this midland radio any more. If you are looking for a great radio that will do the job and dont want to spend the money on a new one get ahold of me and maybe we can work out a deal. E mail me at rodprice@ymail.com and we will get together it also come with car antenna.
  8. I can not reach the distance to get in on the net with everyone but I can hear the repeater and see what is going on, I told friends about the GMRS and the net and they also listen in on thing going on,I was never so embarrassed as I was this night, the person doing the net was not at all professional acting or talking in running the net this night. And it was not done in an orderly fashion. The people that I told this to said they were not impressed at all and that this reminded them of the old CB days. I could not argue this point with them.I hope you take this suggestion in mind, someone spent money to put these repeaters up and get them running and this is their dream and to put people in charge of a net to run it right should be above all a privilege just to have been name to do so. I am glade that they are not connected here in my town yet and if I have anything to say about I will suggest to hold off until people can show they are more responsible on how to do what is expected of them. I hope in the future that there will be a better class of individuals that will show up in running the net this way other may want to join in with the growth of GMRS. Thanks for your time in looking at this point and hope for the best from now on.
  9. what tone how do you set them on the 400 midland I have read the book and dont see anything about setting tones. I live about 20 miles aqay from a repeater and cant get on, but I know that if I hear someone on 18 I can also hear them on 21 to how can that be, I jnow they are running some power but they say they are in their mobile unit. Any way tell me more about setting I also have the 115 and both will not hook up
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