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  1. I submitted today a topic as a similar question. I have been licensed in GMRS for a while, on my second call-sign as well. I own my own repeater. My issue is people have repeaters up and running, cool.. We all have to share a very limited number of channels, ok... WHY would you use the known TRAVEL TONE 141.3Hz for a repeater and ask someone email for permission. If you want someone to ASK to use it, make it a different tone. Come on... Common sense people. The argument about have lots of $ tied up in it are not adequate as even if nobody used it you would still have that tied up in it, AND it wouldn't interfere with those machines allowing access to all. I have issues with people putting up repeaters on channels and not simply listening to that channel and/or even checking if that same tone is already in use. I can hit multiple repeaters on the SAME channel and the SAME tone in several places. If people would simply use a little common sense and decency in GMRS repeater use "that means the owners" and ensure your repeater wont clash with anthers then you have no room to talk or negatively comment on people using a repeater without asking for its use and get off the travel tone. Not trying to start an argument but I find this very irritating, I have to cut communications short because of this issue and it is easily fixable.
  2. I am simply asking an open question here for anyone, not an argument. So everyone licensed for GMRS have an understanding that 141.3Hz PL tone is an open travel PL Tone. So why do people use that tone on a repeater they list here and ask for an email contact prior to use of repeater, if I am traveling, I cant possibly expect a response back within minutes right? If you want it selectively used wouldn't you then use a tone OTHER THAN the well known travel tone 141.3Hz? So... Just asking. I do have a repeater, no longer on air as I live in a very low spot and it didn't even cover my small town from my home. I guess what I am saying is if you don't want your repeater to be an open access repeater for ALL then wouldn't you select a PL tone other than the common travel tone? Just asking... r/ Glenn
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