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  1. The rude "gatekeeping" that a lot in the gmrs/ham community takes part in can be disheartening. I waited a long time to get my tech. because of these folks,but eventually I said "forget them" and did it anyway. Glad I did,but had it not been for that first contact when I called for a radio check, I may never had. You older guys need to be more welcoming to us newcomers,we will be the only ones keeping the hobby alive when you're gone.
  2. I'd like to see something like that. I did a similar thing on Reddit. I created a subReddit that's one and only purpose is for producers and creators to list jobs. I was amazed no one had thought of this before. I think you've come up with a great idea. I would recommend you make it as basic and simple as possible. Humans have a tendency to complicate simple things. The less moving parts, the better.
  3. I just looked on the coverage map and I don't think your within the area. You could try though.
  4. Cool to hear. I monitor 462.6750 (Sherman675) all day. Give me a shout out and I'll answer.
  5. I suppose it depends on if you prefer to do things in person or not.I can see the benefits to doing it online,but I'd rather not. Probably won't have a choice, though.
  6. I've got the proper software. I'll go back and do it manually like you said. Thanks for the info. You're a fountain of useful information.
  7. I just got my 805G and I can't figure out how to set the + or - or the offset. Please help! Update: Seems to work automatically on frequency mode. Still unable to get NOAA loaded via software. No biggie.
  8. I just found the proper software on the Buy Two Way Radios page for the radio. If people would mention this on their posts it would be a big help for those searching for it. I was happy to see you can use the Baofeng cable. I also downloaded the owners manual so I should be good to go now. Thank ya'll for the help! Jerry Swindle Jr. WRJU443
  9. I just purchased the 805 myself. I was wondering if it uses CHIRP. I already have it for my Baofengs.
  10. I hope so. In a time where it's been made difficult to get a Ham license, I think GMRS is a perfect option.
  11. Awesome! I love the internet!. I posted this less than half an hour ago and just received my first two call signs. I know for sure I'm coming through clear now. I was so excited I forgot to get their call signs, but if you guys are reading this, thanks for making my day! Jerry Swindle Jr. WRJU443
  12. Hello ya'll. My name's Jerry and my call sign is WRJU443. I'm a newcomer to GMRS and just recently got my license. I've found a repeater in my area and got the okay to use it (Sherman 675). Problem is, I'm not getting any answers to my call outs. I'm almost positive I'm connected to the repeater, so we're okay there. I was just wondering if there is anyone in my area involved in GMRS. If you are, let me know and perhaps we can arrange a time to shoot the breeze. I still have a lot to learn. Without anyone to talk to, it takes a bit of the interest out of the hobby. Jerry Swindle Jr. WRJU443
  13. I got it! Nevermind. Thanks for everything once again!
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