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  1. I checked all the connections and they are secure. Im obviously learning here, but the radio will transmit fine on GMRS channels, but not on the assigned repeater channel.. Does this indicate a setting is incorrect since it still transmits on GMRS simplex only, or could it be the radio is bad? Also, the mag mount antenna plugs straight into the radio.. is it grounded properly just by plugging straight into the radio? I saw a description that said the UT 72 needs a ground plane.. which i assume is when the magnetic base is secure on the rooftop.. if not, how do you achieve a proper ground plane?
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions and explanations!
  3. Seems to work pretty well on the video linked below.. Obviously, I can't give full credibility to anybody as I actually don't know anybody.. Start watching at about 9:00 mark on the video.. and let me know what you think i guess. https://youtu.be/OTWvLuEuYXU
  4. I have a couple Btech V1's and am trying to tune the Nagoya 771. As i trim the length, the SWR is dropping little at a time, (1.05) but when I move a substantial distance (4 miles ish) the swr changes (2.5). Im new to gmrs and radio's in general, but how can I get an accurate swr when it is changing seemingly constantly? I must be doing something wrong. I do not want to trim it to short and have to buy another one.. any help or suggestions would be appreciated WRKI386 Im using the SW-33 swr
  5. The radio is mounted under steering column and hard wired to the battery. Im using a nagoya UT 72 magmount on rooftop of my truck. Im noticing that when I try to transmit, the mic gain meter seems to jump all over the place, even when Im keeping a very monotone voice...
  6. This may sound stupid, but if the ground is not making a good connection, how would the radio work at all?
  7. Hey guys, Im pretty new and have a question. I installed a 50X in my pickup truck about a week ago. I also have a BTech V1 which I set up around the same time. After a little research and fiddling with them, Igot them both on a local repeater.. transmitting and receiving Then, I was under my hood straightening up some of the wiring and cleaning things up, but immediately after, my mobil unit (50X) isn't transmitting. I can hear repeater traffic, but can no longer transmit. I didn't change anything on the radio.. ?? any ideas what may have happened? TIA Chris WRKI386
  8. This is what I needed to know. I have jumped into GMRS just in the last week and am still learning the way it works.. I guess I am just wondering if I’m on a repeater link, there is no options besides gmrs channels only and not using the repeater? I’m not trying to hide anything, just am trying to figure out how to com without cluttering up the repeater. Was thinking the repeater would provide range with optional channels or whatever. I’ll learn more as I go.. Thanks for the reply! WRKI386
  9. So i finally was able to com thru my local repeater! now, how do i set up my mobile (50X x2) and handhelds (V1's x3) for private coms with my family and our radios while using the repeater for range? The 3 V1's are usually within about 5 miles max of each other from homes. I know these rookie questions are boring and probably obvious for the gmrs vets, but Im just ready to get all this set up and usable asap. Thanks again WRKI386
  10. Is there an easy option for supplying power to my BTECH 50X radio while trying to program it INSIDE my house? Im trying to not to spend a load of money just to power the radio long enough to program it. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I'm really looking for some real time help getting my radios set up on my local tower. Ideas ? Chat feature would be great right now. Chris
  12. new guy here... Im not sure how to start a new topic but maybe its because I'm new to the site.. I've programmed one of my handhelds (V1) to connected to my local repeater and I can hear a little activity, but no reply when asking for a "check".. so I'm not sure its actually connected correctly.. not sure how to confirm transmission is set up right. tia WRKI386 Chris
  13. Hello Group! New to GMRS and learning about how all this works.. My main purpose in getting into GMRS is for backup coms for my family, and I know there is a lot to learn. HAM would have required everybody to test.. and that wasn't happening.. lol We've purchased several BTech products (2x 50X1 - 3x V1) and now nobody knows how to use/program them. Lots of foreign terms and programming lingo. Pretty sure i've figured out the simplex mode, but the range was a little disappointing. I suppose its possible that they are not set up correctly or something. Anyway, I could sure use some advice from some of you vets on basic things to do to be sure we are getting the most out of these radios. I will be joining onto the repeater in Columbia area s soon as I hear back from the admin. Thanks and I look forward to getting to know the group! WRKI386 Chris
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