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  1. I'm not trying to poke the bear with this question. I would like to spend my money on American products where I can. At least on a USA based company, preferred manufactured here too. It is not the only decision factor but one that I try to include in my pros and cons list when weighing my purchase decisions. If hypothetically, everything the same, I would pay a few extra dollars for something that I knew was based and made in the USA rather than all overseas. I will still buy stuff from overseas if it is by far superior in every way and fits my needs. I'm not brand loyal yet, since I am still very new to GMRS and I have not been about buying something for status since I was a freshman in high school LOL. Thanks!
  2. Taking a little bit of a short cut by asking the group. I tried searching the forums and did not get any hits. Is there any company that actually makes their radios in the USA? So far I have researched that Midland, Motorola and Btech (BaoFeng Tech?) are based in the USA. But I can't find, as of yet, an actual statement that any of them are made IN the USA. Midland's website says that their radios are made BY Midland (inferring that since they are based in KC MO that they are made there), but no actual IN the USA statement. Same question for antennas? Have not started researching those yet. What ever your political ideas are, that's not the point of this post. Just looking for information that will help influence my future purchases. Thanks!
  3. I don't understand the "11m cb" and "10m/6m" references. I'm new to the GMRS world and other than setup, swr meter testing and some playing with CB, my practical knowledge is fairly limited. I just picked up the Technician ham book from AARL but have not read it yet. Assuming some of what you are referencing is in there? Can you give me the 1000ft level of what you are talking about? Thanks,
  4. I tried searching on the forum and got an error because the search term was not four characters long....? Are all SWR meters measuring the same thing in the same way? I have one that I have used on my CB and wondering if I can use it for GMRS testing once I install my setup. Are they specific to each band and is the technique any different? Thanks for the help!
  5. Ok, GMRS newb here. I had FRS/GMRS handhelds from Midland recently and just payed for my license and bought a mobile radio that I plan to use for Jeeping and in my daily driver pick up. I have read all the regulations that I could find over GMRS so I understand to use your call sign when entering, every 15 minutes and when leaving the net. Questions that I have relating to actual use of the call-sign is this: Do you use the NATO alpha numeric alphabet when stating your call sign (alpha, bravo, charlie, etc) or normal alphabet (A, B, C, etc)? Context, I used CB a decent amount when I was a kid back in the late 80's and recently with my Jeep. Most of my other radio training comes from my time in the military using the vehicle radios and limited use of HF man packs. Thanks!
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