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  1. Can you program them from the radio itself?
  2. Enjoy ordering the "proper" stuff, I order tons of stuff also, I have multiple mobile antennas and radios. I also have tons of connectors and tools for my coax and the fittings. I just enjoy radio, C.B, Shortwave, all radio, and since there really is no one to talk to where I live but people passing through and a couple of flaggers who think they own the FRS channels, I will keep making my "improper" equipment until I get my Ham license, then make even more because Ham is dead where I live. Fortunately, ham is not dead where I work so I can talk to and from work.
  3. Oh, I also made another wire 1/4 wave antenna but I stripped the plastic off and straightened the wire by twisting it with a drill! Worked great!!!
  4. Thank you LScott, I think I will keep doing so! I enjoy playing with antenna designs, and my spouse won't let me put a real (permanent) base station antenna up so I am making these little ones that I can throw onto PVC pipe when I want to use them then take them down.
  5. Very cool! I thought about those kind of mounts, but where I would mount them, I have room for large coax. It's my fenders that I have no space, and looking at my Ford Focus, it is even tighter. I put a fender mount on it but am trying to figure out how to get the coax ran through. I may have to stick with maggie mounts.
  6. My SWR has not changed, it is very good, around 1.3 all through GMRS/FRS. So I am not worried about it, and since I am only running HT's, I am not worried about loosing power, I have none anyhow LOL>
  7. I just made a dual band antenna out of two coat hangers Ended up scrapping it due to over-trimming the 150mhz band portion. I the video I saw had the coax connected directly to the coat hangers via the terminal strip, but when I remake mine I am going to use jumpers and connect an SMA male connector onto it for my SMA female coax connector. Anyhow, I just welded the stinger onto another groundplane antenna using brass rod that I bought to make tumbler pins for locks. They are 12 inches long and I am going to install them full length, and run my analyzer on it and see where it resonates and trim it from there. Just curious.. I do not know how well brass will work, but I have plenty of brass, so/239's, and coat hangers, so I can play.. WRMQ982
  8. Sadly, I just looked at my coax that is going under my hood! it has two nasty creases in it from me closing my hood onto it! I have a fender mount oand am running RG58 coax. I did not know that the foam padding made a difference at all. I may need to notch my hood a little or re rout it?? The damage is done though, or can I try to re-fluff the insulation? Any help would be appreciated please! Jeff WRMQ982
  9. I just made this one! GMRS resonant! ugly, unlike yours, but it works!!!
  10. LScott, That is cool that you did this type of antenna with BNC connectors! I would have never thought of using anything other than SO-239. I am not an Amateur operator, I have always been interested in it, and have been into C.B off and on for 34 years and antennas have always fascinated me. I am finally getting serious about getting my Tech license and after that may progress through the ranks, we shall see. I have been listening to a couple of "nets", one at night and one in the morning and I love how disciplined they are ran and how polite everyone is! So much better than C.B.
  11. maddogrecurve


    What kind of antenna is that?
  12. maddogrecurve


    Guard Cat!!!
  13. Exactly!!!! That is where I am at! I have no one to talk to and am studying to get my Ham license so why not play with antennas! I love creating things and experimenting with design (also design and print 3D objects). I have a magnet mount antenna for my car and a fender mount as well, but nothing for my home yet, that is why I am playing with building them. My girlfriend probably would not let me hang a big antenna on the house so I have to be discreet.
  14. Wow! That software looks way over my head! I am studying for my Ham license, but am not that far along LOL. I will look into it though, I think it is good to understand radiation patterns and all of that good stuff.
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