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  1. Removing the R614 is the hardware mod for TK-880 Ver2.0:
  2. Morse code not needed, Ohm's law: I=V/R. Here, done, you're ready for the test. Me and later my daughter used hamexam.org for the preparation. If you create an account there it'll keep your statistics, showing the areas to study/memorize more.
  3. I think what original poster is looking for, is not a wifi or microwave link, but a way to hit a GMRS repeater on 467.xxx MHz, that is located 138 miles away. I say, go for it! People do Earth-Moon-Earth all the time, and that's 500,000 miles roundtrip, and there are no repeaters on Moon just yet. 138 miles should be doable if there is a line of sight between mountains. And it appears that you have done it already (the hitting the remote repeater). And regarding Part 95 letter ad spirit, I do not see why can't you locally retransmit what you hear from the distant repeater. The so-called "shotgun" repeater link was discussed on this forum before.
  4. Not through the repeater. Repeater will open when hears it's input PL or DPL and will send it's own PL/DPL when transmitting. Sure you can do it on simplex. BARN-R1 is open repeater high up above Santa Cruz. It covers the triangle San Jose - Fremont - Redwood City when you're on HT, farther if you're on mobile . I can open it and talk from some places in Livermore with my 40W mobile radio.
  5. That one was easy to find. FCC ID: 2AGNDUV50X3 The authorization is for Part 90, 50W with 10K4F3E designator. New Part 90 equipment will never have wide-band certification compatible with GMRS, if I understand the rules correctly.
  6. Do not buy Surecom SW-33 for GMRS. It's a miles off on these frequencies.
  7. I did not realign it. I just programmed several local ham UHF repeaters into it. I can easily reach repeaters, signal quality seems to be good. I do not have equipment to see if there is some excessive distortion or any other problem with the signal. One day I might check it with the power meter.
  8. According to data sheet, TK-880 Type 1 is aligned for 450-490MHz, Type 2 is for 485-512MHz, Type 3 is 400-430MHz. I have TK-880H-1 v2.0, and there are no problems programming ham bands into it.
  9. "parsimonious" - the new word in my allotment
  10. Nevermind, found it: 2AAR8RETEVISRT22. Indeed, certified for FRS with 1W. Only narrow-band? Repeater-capable?
  11. What is the FCC ID for the RT22? I can't find it on Amazon or ebay.
  12. I think autocorrect got you here, GMRS->games Sorry, can't comment on a specific antenna because I do not own it. However, if your transmitter power amplifier can handle the SWR (combined feedline + antenna), you absolutely can.
  13. Nice! Your "Bob Villa - style" brackets remind me of the time in early 90-s when, being a poor student, I built myself a nice PC in a discarded wooden 20-bottle vodka case. 486SX, I remember it like it was yesterday. Seriously speaking, I drilled the holes in a few cars of mine, and in the long run it works so much better than the magnetic mounts. Cannot agree more on: be very careful routing coax around airbags in modern cars. You already addressed that - super important!! Nobody wants a piece of coax flying into his/her/their head should airbag deploy. In my last install (2014 Durango) I had to route the coax all the way to the rear hatch opening, to avoid over 9000 airbags in this car.
  14. Brand new! These are old radios. I was lucky to acquire 3 of them for less than $100 each. You need TK-880H-1 for GMRS. FCC ID: ALH24593210. It works on 70cm ham band too. You also will need a programming cable ($15-$30, or build your own) and programming software, so factor that in. I modified two of mine to allow programming from the panel, but it is a pain, so I do not bother. I just bring laptop to car when I need to add a repeater pair. There is also a TK-880 (without the H), which is 25W, also Part 95, heat sink in the back is smaller and may work better in tight installations. And, btw, the handheld Kenwood TK-380 is programmed with the same software as TK-880. Unification is good. I do not have a personal experience with them, I went with TK-3170 because wanted something with Li batteries.
  15. Kenwood TK-880H: Part 95, 40W, cheap, wide and narrow band, programming software easily available on ebay or by googling
  16. Broken segment on your MTX400 display, perhaps? 462.000 MHz is not GMRS, it is business land mobile frequency, under Part 90.
  17. As an owner of three tk-880h (two in cars, one in house), I love this build. Unlikely I will ever build a repeater, no need for me, but if I did, that would be a reference.
  18. Something like MFJ-874 would cover ham bands, CB and GMRS. That's what I'm thinking to get for myself. Reviews are not too bad on eHam and amazon. On the other hand, I may save $120 and put it toward a proper antenna analyzer.
  19. Seems that it is CB-frequency SWR meter. If so, it won't work on 462MHz
  20. I second PastorGary's suggestion to consider used (and abused) commercial equipment. If you know electronics, as in: can build a PC from components, you may be able to save a ton of money. Or may not, could be a money pit too. I went with Kenwood TK-3170 and built 4 working units from the five I bought. I was lucky on the price of the HTs and on the price of some components. When I was buying equipment (I also have three TK-880H and ArgentData simplex repeater) GMRS-V1 did not exist. But if I'd do it all over again, I'd still probably go with used commercial radios. Kenwood software is very easy to come by, user interface is fool-proof, good for non-radio-inclined family members.
  21. Fairly simple. Assuming all your current batteries are functional and hold charge, buy a cheapest, worst looking, not holding charge battery off ebay for the experiment. Pry the case open, as neat as possible. Consider how you'll glue the case together for the later use - batteries do not have to be pretty, but must fit. Look what's inside. Chances are that it'll be something of a standard size (AA, 2/3 AA, AAA, etc). For the refurbishing, you'd need to solder tabs or wires to the new cells. It is not a big deal. You would need a 20W or bigger soldering iron for that, the bigger the better. The quicker the soldering action the better - do not overheat the cell. Modern NiMH cells are night-and-day comparing to the old cells. The are low self discharge, getting closer to alcalines for that, the capacity is also getting close. The good ones are AmasonBasics and Panasonic Eneloop (former Sanyo). Tenergy are fine, many are already with tabs.There are others too. Any new cell would be better than the old depleted cell.
  22. Totally agree, however I do not have experience with wide range of part 90/95 gear. When I was looking for the family comm solution few years ago, my criteria was a balance between price, availability of programming software, accepting LiPo and Part 95 certification, because I wanted to be good with FCC. My choice is Kenwood 3170 or 3173 with KCS25 charger which can take NiCad, NiMH and LiPo.
  23. - Refurbishing NiCad case with newer better low-selfdischarge NiMH cells like Enerloop or similar - Keeping 70% charged NiCad and NiMH in the fridge
  24. In urban, congested areas I monitor frequency a bit to see if I'm not stomping on somebody, then identify, than go chat, keeping it short and to the point. When done, identify again and say "frequency clear" just as a courtesy to others. In the woods I (or my family) identify then go blabber away till the the batteries drained, identifying when remember. I have yet to stumble on other GMRS user in Sierra foothills in close proximity. When talking to family the one who starts the talk speaks the callsign, and the one who is finishing the talk identifies too. Regarding specific words and meanings, the rule I go by in face-to-face, email, online forums and radio communications is: do not be an --- to others, and there is a better chance others will do the same to you.
  25. I know what are you talking about, but I do not know who he is and I don't want to know. He is hanging on local repeaters for years, I heard him on N6NFI and others. Our lord has a big zoo.
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