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Found 7 results

  1. From the album: PACNWComms - Misc Photos

    Radios used in hiking throughout the recent snow storm in the Pacific Northwest. On the left is a Radioddity GM-30 radio that is the most recently purchased unit. For Chinese radios, I prefer the Anytone AT-D878UV, but the GM-30 is one fifth the price. Next is some older Motorola TalkAbout, possibly a 62xx series, but it does not say, so it may be newer vintage. On the right is my old Garmin Rino 530, pre-SD card version. All three worked well in temperatures hovering around 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and over distances of about a mile apart.

    © WROL355

  2. Clicked on an ad on Facebook out of curiosity. Click technical specs and it indicates FRS, 1 watt ERP. Pretty expensive for FRS radios that look similar in profile to smart phones. https://preparedhero.com/pages/powertalkiex?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=powertalkiex&fbclid=IwAR3z2I8DTeTDVxnL1VA8LoACQK2P63anEZa6T_Bey9NnOKjZYuEfeWmb39E
  3. Hi I'm new here, I recently received my GMRS license and purchased a pair of Midland FRS 2 way radios. In the near future, I would like to get a MicroMobile GMRS unit. I understand that I am able to communicate with FRS on certain channels. What I am wondering is, am I allowed to use FRS radio in conjuction with the MicroMobile unit in the same room or vehicle, since I have a GMRS license? WRHW452
  4. if I am listening to an FRS channel and I hear my neighbors talking, but they are using a "tone" so that they dont hear me, is that a Transmit tone, or a Receiving tone that is blocking them from hearing me? So.. if I am listening to them and I want to use my radio to scan for their tone to program it into my radio so they can hear me, what am i scanning for? R-CTSS or T-CTSS ?
  5. A friend brought me these radios and I more of a Baofeng guy. Does anyone know where I can get the software and what the cable model is to rewrite the program?
  6. So, just from browsing the conversations here on the forums, I know this topic is going to open a can of worms... :-) So, why did the FCC grant the ability for companies to manufacture, package, and sell combination FRS/GMRS radios - especially given the limitations of the broadcast wattage, fixed antenna, etc... From my perspective, all the grant allows is for said companies to make money off of misinformation regarding their product. It is completely true that if the devices are used in a completely clear and open space with no obstructions that you could potentially broadcast at the maximum range possible, however, there is no documentation that is provided to the "reality" of the actual operating parameters and expected range of the devices. I'm not looking to make $ here, but isn't the advertising of products (such as the Uniden ones I have purchased) misleading which could be considered false advertising and as such warrant legal correction? Not to mention the fact that the advertising also does not indicate that GMRS licensing is required for utilization of the GMRS frequencies and the sale of of such devices simply propegates the "illegal use" of such frequencies without a license? Of course, you have to throw into play here the 2010 proposal to license GMRS by rule, which essentially negates all of the above, but it has been 3 years with no action on such proposal. Then what? Say they accept the proposal next year to license by rule, do I get a partial refund of my license fee? Highly doubt it. I guess I would lose my call sign as, there would be no need for them any longer. If licensed by rule would repeaters still be allowed, or would those require a license? Thoughts?
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